How to connect mi scale 2 with Node-Red?

Hi, I am Qiela and still new with Node-Red. May I know, how should I connect mi scale with Node-Red? Thank you in advance.

Aqilah welcome to the forum.

The first thing you have to do is find out what (if any) API the mi scale has for communicating with it. Once you have that information, let us know what it is and we can move on from there. You will probably need to check the web site of the device's maker.

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Mi scale 2 are using BLE to connect with other devices.

Ok, that is a start, now have you found the API that explains how it sends data? What format the data is in?

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I just did a search on the internet, it uses Web Bluetooth Scanning API to take data readings from the xiaomi scale.

Well you can try one (or more) of the bluetooth nodes. Go to the flows tab and search for bluetooth and ble and try out some of the nodes. I would look to see when the last published date is and try the newest first.

Also the device running Node-RED will have to have bluetooth active.

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Owh ok. I have tried to install node ble on node red but failed.
node ble

Did you look at the log as it tells you too?
What does it say?

What device are you running Node-RED on?
What version of NR are you running?

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