Get sensor data from Mi Band 2

I'm trying to get the sensor data(Heart Rate) from the Xiaomi Mi Band 2(or alternatively Mi Band 4) into the node red to visualize and analyze it at later stages of the project with dashboard. Running everything local on Win10 machine for test purposes.
I finally managed to "see" the Mi Band in node red with BLE scanner node, after changing the Windows Bluetooth drivers. But how do i obtain the sensor data values? Haven't found the designated node to work with Mi band, perhaps anyone can recommend one? Or do i need to create one myself to interact with the band?
I Also found Libraries to work with MiBand 2 and 3(seems to be nearly identical) but i don't understand how to use them in node red. and
Can anyone please help me? :frowning: Just trying to get raw values from the sensor like current Heart Rate and perhaps battery level.
Thank you in Advance
Regards K