How to connect rpi camera with homekit

Hi guys,

How do you connect an rpi camera to homekit, I see in the homekit node setup there is a camera option but I’m unsure how to set it up.


Cameras are exotic beasts in homekit, not sure which nodes you are using, but the easiest path is to use homebridge with the camera plugin.

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I’ve only installed the HomeKit node, do I need to install the HomeKit bridge nodes instead.

Does anyone have an example flows of rpi camera connected to homekit with node red

There is no (simple) way to use the homekit nodes with a camera.

Homekit requires a specific videostream and configuration parameters which homebridge+the homebridge camera plugin will create. It is the simplest way to make it work.

Homebridge is separate software.

I’ll install the homebridge nodes and give it a go

There are no "homebridge nodes", homebridge does not integrate with node-red.
You can install "node-red-contrib-homebridge-automation" that can read homebridge, but still no camera.