How to connect scanner using serial port?

Hi, I'm new to node red. I try to connect my barcode scanner to node red using serial node. But I'm Not sure how to connect it.

Does com3 exist? Are you able to access the scanner via com3 with another application?

ohh sorry. I was just try to use some method to connect the serial node. Actually I'm trying to find the a way to connect the scanner to serial node and I don't really know how to do it?

Are you able to access the scanner from another application?

yes I can scan when it connect the to the usb port (to laptop) and ethernet port (to scanner).
it can read the data but now I want to connect the scanner to node red so that I can scan the barcode code, to display the output information(decode) in node red dashboard.

Ethernet will probably be the better/easier solution.

You need to read the device manual to determine the Ethernet communication protocol then replicate that in node-red by sending the appropriate characters to Ethernet Port via a TCP Request Node - OR - listening on a TCP In Node (depends on how the device works as would be explained in its manual)

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