Barcode Scanner input

Hello guys, I'm new here. I just want to ask if it possible to get input from a Barcode scanner? What node will be most appropriate to get input from a Barcode? Note that the barcode scanner is connected to a client computer and not on the Raspberry PI. Thanks in advance!

I would try this out.

Thanks my friend :slight_smile:

The barcode scanner is connected by what means? USB? Network? Serial?

Most barcode scanners just act like a keyboard. I've had good luck using the dashboard text input node.

Yes, I'm using USB barcode scanner, does a text input in dashboard can detect if the user press "Enter" or " Return" key? Because by default barcode scanner send return key at the end of scan. Thanks my friend.

It's USB.

Yes it should do

Hi, I put a Node-RED wrapper around the mode module node-usb-barcode-scanner. It works well enough for me to get the price of things from the UK Tesco supermarket API. You may need to set up a udev rule for it.

Hi prof, do we have tutorials on how to implement it? I'm kinda new in Nodered. Thanks alot!

Hello My friend! :slight_smile: yes I did it awhile ago and it's working ! Thanks for your time. :slight_smile:

Hello, everyone, I followed your answer as above,

But for me, it is not working,

I have USB barcode scanner with RPI 3b+

  • I used Text Input widget but it is not working(I don't know how it should configure with the USB barcode reader).

Any thing to add on it?

You can test the barcode first in Excel. Try to click one of the cells in Excel, and try to Scan in Barcode, it should give you the value of the scanned code, and the active cells should be below that value (its like hitting Return in kryboard)

I don't know why you have suggested this which is off the topic not related to RPI nodered!!

It is writing values in Text file of RPI os.

How can i get values in node red?

How do you make it write to a file?

One would use this to make sure that the scanner is actually outputting something over HID USB. Definitely on-topic since it would be used to make sure you that you aren't being tricked by a scanner that is sending nothing.

I don't know, when I open text editor and scan barcode it will write on text editor,

So what should i do to use in node red?

it is working on text editor , But what will the procedure for nodered to read the scanner output?

Put a text input to your dashboard.