Keyboard Input in nodered

Hi I have a raspberry PI with 2 barcode scanners attached to it. As we all know, barcode scanners just emulates the Keyboard signal. I want to know whether the input signal is coming from barcode #1 or barcode #2 in node-red. Is it possible to have them like a "Device ID" or any identification for me to identify whether barcode 1 or barcode 2 sends the input signal?

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How are the scanners attached to the pi?
What node are you using to read them?
Is the same node reading them both? If not why not add a change node after the reader to add the name of the device to the msg object?

You don't say what node you are using to read the HID data from the scanner.
Maybe a node like node-red-contrib-usbhid has some more option to read the serial or device-id.
Most of these scanners can be programmed, as last solution you can add an extra different prefix to the scanner and filter that prefix if the data is coming in.

Hi zenofmud,

Thanks for your input. The barcode scanner is actually attached via a USB port.

To be honest, I don't know yet what node/flows should I use to get the barcode scanned input.
Hope you can suggest one.

Again, thank you for your information.

Thanks for your suggestion. I actually don't know what node should I use, your suggestion is highly appreciated and I will look on this.

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Have you looked in the Flows tab here on the forum? Have you searched the forum for barcode to see what comes up?

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