How to control HTML5 Audio Element from UI-Template?

I'm a newbie.
Would like some example code to get DOM Audio element basic custom control (play() / pause() methods from a button or clickable image) on HTML5 audio element rendered in browser.

I succeed to play audio file from audio controller with "autoplay" or "controls" properties sets in ui-template:

	<audio id="myaudio" src="myaudio_url" autoplay>
            Your browser does not support the
            <code>audio</code> element.


<audio id="myaudio" src="myaudio_url" controls>
            Your browser does not support the
            <code>audio</code> element.

Unfortunately don't know how to script play() / pause () methods from a custom button in NR UI-template.

Any help welcome.

Hi Herold,
Welcome to the forum!
Normally - unless I have something misunderstood about your case - you can use the ui_audio node (which is part of the dashboard node set) for this. Here is more information. Although pauzing is not possible this way (see here)...

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