How to copy string/value from message to clipboard

I have a payload msg that is being sent, it has a string of text that I need to type into a specific text box that is moving through the flow. how can I get the string of text out of node red and typed into a text box?

You can use the debug node.

1 - Add A debug node
2 - Connect it to the output of whatever it is your need to copy text from
3 - Open up the debug panel
4 - Copy what you want

I have noticed being able to do that, is there a way to do that with out needing to manually do it? the idea is for it to copy and paste it automatically. one thought i was having is using the execute node and if there is a command line to put it that would copy the most current string value from debug node? but i havent been able to find anything like that either.

is there a way to do that with out needing to manually do it?

Not to my knowledge.

the msg travelling though your flow - is not actually seen by the browser - unless you attach a debug node for it to be printed - where the normal copy/paste rules apply

Where exactly are you trying to paste the result to? Is it a particular web page or application?

An application

Does it possibly have an API so you can send the data programatically?

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