Copy path of a variable from Debug Node does not work

Hello all,

I have a quick question for you - maybe someone already had the same problem...!

I regularly use the debug Node and search for a variable in a XML file to copy the path. In the beginning this worked great, now it doesn't work at all. I can pin the value but cannot copy the value or the path. When I click the corresponding button my clipboard remains empty...
Restart of server does not help..

Hope someone has an idea and solution.

Greetings Hendrik (from Germany)

Hi Hendrick.

Just to start establishing things, what happens if you have a nominal web page open and drag select some text then press ctl <c> (copy) then open a note pad type program and paste?

Next, try a node-red screen and with the debug window as show, select some/any text from there and copy (ctl <c>) it and see if you can paste it.

Hope to hear back soon.

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Hello ..

Have you recently upgraded your node-red to the 2.1.5 version ?
If yes .. It is a known issue that copy to clipboard doesnt work if you are accessing your node-red server without localhost (if you are on the same computer) or without https.

The gatekeepers have knowledge of it and it will be fixed in the new release.
you can read more about it here

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Hello Trying to learn,

copying text works in both cases you mentioned. I guess the error pattern mentioned by UnborN applies to me. I have NodeRed running as an add-on in HomeAssistant (newest version), which is why the version seems to be labeled in a different way.

Hope that the issue is fixed in a few days.

No problems.

Sorry, but I guess I needed to check/ask.

Glad you got it resolved in the mean time anyway.
(Sometimes you have to ask the dumb questions.)


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We will get 2.1.6 released today.

It's then up to the HA project to pick it up and update their package - we aren't involved with that.

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Hello Unborn,
thank you for your solution. That is exactly what applies to me. I have NodeRed running in HomeAssistant as an add-on. Is it possible to simply downgrade to V 2.1.4 here? Alternatively - when should we expect 2.1.6? :sweat_smile:


I dont think its worth downgrading .. as Knolleary said a new version is coming today .. so keep an eye on the node-red forum for its release and then ask in the Home-Assistant Forum to update their add-on.

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