"Copy path" to copy the entire path

I always wondered why the copy path button near an entry of the context palette misses the first level.
I suppose there's a good reason for it, but if there's no one, would be a nice improvement. At least for me.

I seem to remember that it was because it lets you paste the result direct into a typed input

I think I don't understand.

Let's see an example:

If I push on the copy path button, with the intention to paste it on a change node, or a global.get clause in a function node, I get the following:


And I always have to edit the path entered.
Where do you refer that it's adapted to?

Hi @SeRiusRod

As @TotallyInformation says, In the Debug sidebar, it skips the msg part so you can paste into the TypedInputs without having to remove msg each time.

You've highlighted a different place we expose that functionality - the context sidebar. In that case, I agree it should be copying the full path. Can I trouble you to raise an issue for this?



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Thanks. As I don't usually copy paths from debug messages I didn't know that feature. :+1:t2:

Opened the following issue:

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