Copying message paths/content not available

I cannot find a setting to allow this functionality to work. When I mouse over an array variable in debug for instance there is not option that becomes available to copying message paths/content. I have tried this in IE and Edge as well as Chrome with no success. I thought perhaps it was tied to pop up blocking but that is not the trick either. I have verified that this works with the same product and revision of Node Red 18.7 on another employee's laptop. Any clues about why I cannot see the options?

If you open the browser's dev console (F12), do you see any javascript errors, either while re-loading the page (F5) or when you mouseover the debug sidebar?

Also it would be good to post the node-red console log output when the server is started... this gives a good overview of the OS, all the s/w versions in use, and any potential issues with files or permissions.

Here is the console info
Error in event handler for (unknown): TypeError: k.clipboard.setClipboard is not a function
at chrome-extension://admmjipmmciaobhojoghlmleefbicajg/content/scripts/IDSWAX.js:22:492
red.min.js:16 Node-RED: 0.18.7
main.min.js:16 Projects disabled
vendor.js:5 [Deprecation] Synchronous XMLHttpRequest on the main thread is deprecated because of its detrimental effects to the end user's experience. For more help, check
send @ vendor.js:5
VM108:341 Uncaught TypeError: activeMenuMessage.clearPinned is not a function
at Object.onselect (eval at (vendor.js:2), :341:43)
at c (red.min.js:16)
at HTMLAnchorElement. (red.min.js:16)
at HTMLAnchorElement.dispatch (vendor.js:4)
at HTMLAnchorElement.r.handle (vendor.js:4)

Looks like some chrome extension may be interferring

Yep -- a quick search for that extension id returns 'Norton Identity Safe'

Mike, could you try opening chrome://extensions and disabling that plugin? I would imagine you may have to restart chrome, or at least reload the node-red editor to clear out the conflicting js libraries.

That did the trick thank you very much!