Copy Node ID from debug ERROR

I've a node somewhere that is constantly causing errors. Over on the debug tab I see msg.error and above that the timestamp and the node ID - but if I try COP(Control-C) so I can find out where the node is... a LINK appears in the copy buffer
That instead of the node ID - I cannot figure out how to get to the node to see how to fix the error - HELP...

I'm using Node-Red 2.13 on a Raspberry Pi 4 and monitoring NR on a Windows PC with Windows 11 in Chrome.

I don't know why you can't mark and copy the id, though it can be a bit fiddly just to mark the id. Does it take you to the node if you click it?

I see the issue you are having. A get around is to put the cursor on the line under the node ID click and drag and you might (I can) be able to grab the entire string. then you can paste it to a text editor and grab the ID.

Crude but it works for me.

UPDATE: looks like somethng changed in version 3. I just went back to v2.2.2 and placing the cursor over the node ID causes the done to hi-light

UPDATE2: odd, now that I've gone bacl to v3.0.1 I can't reproduce the issue. @scargill Peter, try clearing your browser's cache and making the debug panel wider.

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