How to count all used nodes


How do I count the nodes, I'm using in my flows?
A (xx) behind the flow name in the new information view and the sum of all nodes behind the "Flows" would be nice.


The easiest way to get a quick count is to go to a tab, hit ctrl-a to select them all then ctrl-c to copy them - you'll get a notification telling you how many things have been copied.

As for having counts on the outline view - that is something worth considering for the future.

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There are some examples of flows that will also do this. I know I wrote one ages back. Probably in the flows library, if not a search in the forum should turn it up.

If I select all flows with CTRL-click-on-every-tab, then CTRL-A and CTRL-C, I get the nodes in all tabs!
Thank you, @knolleary!

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