How to create a dynamic inject-node with dynamic timestamp?

Hi al,
I am used to INJECT Nodes and I know how to set a static time for the node to execute.
But is there a possibility to set the time to execute the node somehow dynamically ?
I do not want to set a time like "06:00" and use a function to check the real time every 10sec, because this would mean to execute it 6 times.
I would rather set it once - exactly as the inject node works.

Hi Gawan,
did you try the UI scheduler node (node-red-contrib-ui-time-scheduler (node) - Node-RED)?

All completely possible using cron-plus

From the readme:

Ability to add, remove, list, export, stop, start, pause schedules by a command payload input. Examples include...

There are also built in importable demos (ctrl-i => examples)


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