How to create custom node like "telegram receiver" node of my own?

Hello All,

I have learnt today how to create a custom node by link and fixed issues by this forum's help with link Not able to see newly created node in UI's Palate

Though I know how to create custom nodes but what and all I need to cover in custom nodes of sender and receiver and do we have samples for it, is my query here. I would request experts to guide me how could I create my own custom nodes like "telegram's receiver" and "telegram sender".

Ultimate goal is get Input from custom node receiver from a UI from user and send it back by custom Node sender to UI back.

If someone could guide me from where to start, will be really grateful to this nice community.
As of now I have no idea in it, apart from knowing that UI part I will do with JS.

R. Singh

Okay, ignoring the previous topics where we’ve so far discussed this, your custom UI that uses html/css/js, where will it be hosted, and how would your node access it? For a node that starts the flow, it has to either poll a (third party) instance for new events and output them, or get told (think webhooks) when there’s new incoming events.

What can you tell about your design process of this node, functional/technical, features and the like?

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First of all Thanks a TON @afelix for your reply and time here. Yes my node codes, scripts and the UI code will reside in a single server. But I am not sure how node is going to connect from my UI part, really no idea on it :frowning:

Sure, I also saw properties of telegram's receiver carefully and it does gives option for Polling, I am good with any option; could you please do provide me starting points of any of the solution; will be grateful to you.

R. Singh

My suggestion would be to start researching REST APIs, and additionally the polling vs webhooks debate. Which will likely lead to you finding resources on websockets as well.

When you get there, go back to the previous topic where I responded with a link on securing node-red, and once again ask if this is something that should be done by a custom node, or can be implemented by using existing (core) nodes.

Next step would be to think of the usage. Are you creating this node purely for your own usage, or are you hoping others will use it as well, and if so for what use cases and in which circumstances. That information, together with what you can find on REST APIs and the polling vs webhooks should get you a base on which you can either get started, or understand what more information you have to find or ask for.

Good luck! :slight_smile:

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