How to create user interface for taking input in node-red

Hello Everyone,

I want to create one user interface from where I can pass some input in node-red.
Inputs: for example String, numbers, etc...
And i want to read that inputs in node-red.
Please help me out.

Thank you

Have you looked at the node-red dashboard or as an more advanced variant node-red-contrib-uibuilder. Both will offer you ways to build an ui with inputs that can be used in node-red flows. Dashboard will be less flexible but very easy to start with and uibuilder will give you maximum flexibility to build any ui you want but will require more knowledge on your side on how a website works.
Hope this helps, Johannes

Both of those are fine tools for building UI apps -- but if you are just looking for a simple form input web page, it will be easier to create two flows: one that starts with an http in GET node (returning the html page with form inputs to be displayed), and another flow that starts with an http in POST node (to process and/or display the posted input fields).

@akhtar321h - Sorry I don't have an example right now, but it's easy to create one. Give it a go, and if you get stuck then I can show you what I mean later this evening...

Please give me any example flow.

Here is a link to a tic-tac-toe game you can take a look at.

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