New uibuilder video: Simple form creation - get information from users to use in Node-RED

Hi all, a new video in the uibuilder series has been released on YouTube.

In this video, I show how to really quickly and simply create a zero-code user input form for collecting information that can be used in Node-RED flows.

The flow that goes along with the video is here: uibuilder - Video 003 - Simple Form (flow) - Node-RED ( - only 20 minutes this time :grin:

The video itself is here: Simple, zero-code user input forms using uibuilder and Node-RED - YouTube

Enjoy! And, as always, I welcome and feedback and ideas for new videos.


Great! Thank you @TotallyInformation

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Jullian, I notice in the video at 10:00 you move the slider for the 'range' but how do you know what value you are actually selecting on the dashboard since there is no feedback showing the number you select?

Hi Paul, thanks for that feedback. Amazing what you miss when you are close to things!

Is there an HTML input setting that shows that? The created form is vanilla HTML so if the browser supports the view, I can add it. Otherwise it means coming up with a specific workaround for range inputs - probably not too hard to do but certainly a bit more work.

I have no idea. I've been wanting to try Uibuilder and saw the thread and wanted to see what Uibuilder can do.

Thanks Paul.

I've checked and stupidly, the range input field does not have an option to display the value.

So I will have to build something more useful. Expect to see it in uibuilder v6.5.0. I think that I will make the range input have a matching text input and automatically make both update each other dynamically.

Thanks again for letting me know. If you wanted to try a form using uibuilder but need a temporary workaround for that, let me know.

Also, if there is something you'd like to see a video about, let me know and I'll see if I can knock something up :grin:

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I'm loving the video's you are putting out lately. The amount of information you pass along is tremendous, thank you for these.

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Thanks! Not getting to do as many as I'd like but I'm slowly getting better at recording and editing them. Let me know if there is anything you'd like me to cover.