How to delete published flow from flow-library?

how to delete and update?

Hi @motebus

if you are logged in, then when you view a flow you created, you should see the following options in the sidebar:



Some how I broke a connection to the library flow and github when updating and then I couldn't access the original flow submission to remove it. Can you remove this flow?

If you search for IOT2050 you will now see two versions, one that works and this one above that gives: 404 - Thing not found.

Sorry, and thank you...

@MrRum - I have removed the duplicate

thank you

Hi, sorry, I have the same issue with:

Mine is not duplicated, is just pointing to nowhere. If you can please remove I'll recreate a correct one.


Hi @ffich, I'm on vacation this week. Don't have remote access to remove the flow. Remind me in a week if I haven't got to it.

Hi @knolleary, sure no problem. Enjoy your vacation :grin:


These are the only ones of yours I can find - which one should be removed ?

Hi, Jupiter example 2 is the one broken.


Hi @dceejay, it happened again with Jupiter Example 01. This time I think i got the root cause. I had renamed the file under my git account (from to Jupiter Example, saved and synched. After a while I updated the description and tryed a new sync. After I tryed to sync the link was immediatly broken. I don't know if is a bug or the intended behaviour, but anyway I don't have necessairly the need of renaming the readme under git. If someone can please delete Jupiter Example 01 and Jupiter Example 02... now I know how to avoid the issue from happeing again.


Yes that would do it. You must have a readme or we won’t publish it

Ok @dceejay, that makes sense to me.
If you could please delete Jupiter example 01 and 02, I'll publish them again whitout touching the readme.


hmm -actually I can't from the default ui - will need to wait of @knolleary to get back from vacation. - or maybe you can rename them back to in your gist.

I tryed... didn't work. I'll wait for @knolleary, no problem :grin:


Hi @knolleary,
gentle reminder for the above issue. The broken links are:

Thanks and regards

Thanks - both flows now removed.

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Thanks Nick :slight_smile: