How to delete the Node

I installed my node and need to uninstall it. I executed following and restarted node-red.

sudo npm -g uninstall {path_to_node_source}

But the palet still has that node. How to uninstall a node properly.?

Then I try with node-red-stop and npm uninstall npm-package

after restarting node-red, the node is still in use". How can i delete node? Try everything....

What node is it?

If all else fails, delete it from .node-red/node_modules and restart node-red.
Also remove it from package.json

1 - did you remove all occurrences of the node from your flow(s) and redeploy?
2 - did you really do a global install of your flow?

to remove (a non global) node in the CLI, first change to the .node-red folder
cd .node-red if usinsg linux
then issue
npm remove node-red-contrib-nameofnode

Hi all,
I did try everything but package was at the end deleted but with all the errors. So at the end, i reinstall node-red.

Did try it with .node-red and uninstall but not with the remove command. Did it with node-red-stop etc. but nothing helps regarding the errors.

Thanks to everyone

If you had told us what the errors were we might have been able to help more.

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