No .node-red folder

I installed node-red on my new pc and i cant seem to find .node-red folder.
Any idea why it isnt in my Users\user.node-red

What method did you use to install Node-RED?

Everything fine now. Managed to fix it. I just didnt run the node-red command so it didnt install the .node-red folder.

Other thing is bothering me now. When i try to npm uninstall or npm remove my custom node it doesnt delete it from the pallete or the UI sidebar

What command did you run to install it?

What command are you trying to use to un-install it?

Can post a copy of what the cmd window is showing when you try to un-install it?

You will have to restart nodered and/or reload your browser.

I fixed it. I was using npm remove the location of the node and not the node/

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