HELP! Node is installed and npm/Node-RED cannot uninstall it

What is funny is that the node actually works fine... but I cannot upgrade it correctly to have the new updates work.

i probably installed this with npm in the wrong folder context... However, I'd like to see if I can get someone with knowledge about what I did wrong and how to go about un-doing it.

I have this folder here and it's apparently wrong. I used npm to install using the context.

"C:\Users\my_account\.node-red> npm uninstall .... but it fails.
Node-RED shows that I can upgrade it, but cannot remove it. I found the folder here.

vs. where everything else is...

The question is which folder do I use in the command line context to uninstall it? I'm hoping that I can uninstall it and I just installed it in the wrong context.

Is the context ""C:\Users\my_account\AppData\Roaming\npm> npm uninstall... "

Thanks in advance!!

Post the output when you try to uninstall.

It looks like you installed it globally - so try uninstalling it with the -g opton... or you may also need to do that as an admin user. And then once done re-install to the correct place as your normal user.

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