Delete nodes in Windows

Which is the command to delete nodes in Windows Node-red?

If you mean uninstall you can use the manage palette option in the menu on any operating system

but I put the azure iot hub node and now it doesn´t let me to start node red, so I want to unistall that from the CMD

It depends how you installed it...

It should be npm uninstall name-of-node in your .node-red directory

i have installed from the manage palette

If you are on node-red v0.20.x and had read the blog posting for Node-RED: Version 0.20 released you might remember the new --safe parameter.

You should still be able to npm uninstall as @ukmoose said.

  • Open a command prompt
  • Cd to your node red folder
  • npm uninstall exact-name-of-node

Incase it's installed globally, then npm -g uninstall exact-name-of-node