Day 1 of using Docker/Node Red - How to Uninstall a Node

Please excuse if this is a stupid question...

I have Node Red running and added three Nodes.

One for Hubitat another for Hue and the are working great - the third is for Plex - running into a lot of issues and just want to uninstall it and return later.

I go to Manage Palette where I used the Install tab to install the Nodes.

I cannot find the Uninstall tab or any other way to uninstall a Node.

The node is node-red-contrib-plex-ws - I have managed to disable 2 of the three tasks under the node but cannot disable the whole node or uninstall the node.

I know it will be obvious when someone points me at it so sorry for the noob question


Welcome to the forum @Busta999
If you go to the palette, and find the plex node in the 'nodes' tab, it should say 'remove', which you can use to uninstall the node.


If it say's 'in use', then you most likely are using the node in one of your flows, and needs deleting from your flows before the node can be uninstalled.
NOTE - disabling a node in a flow will not allow you to uninstall the node from the palette - you must delete them.

@Paul-Reed Thank you!!

Currently I have One Flow and the Plex Node is not in use at all.

When I look at the Manage Palette I see

Screenshot 2021-11-27 at 15.14.45

and I cannot see the option to disable all or Remove

Do you have any Plex nodes in your workspace (including disabled plex nodes)
Try the hamburger top right, and select 'search flows'. Type plex, and see what it returns.

Screenshot 2021-11-27 at 15.27.38

I do!! but not visible in any flow or on the screen :frowning:

I just getting started

So still on the very basics

OK, double click on it, and it will open up the config side panel where you will see the plex-ws-server config. Then double click on that, and delete.

You should then be able to remove the node from the palette.

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Thank you

Very much appreciated

It feels like a steep learning curve - but should be worth it.

I have just migrated all my server app to a Mac Mini M1 and reduced energy consumption by 4kW a day.

As it only uses 19w I thought start moving Home Automation to it to.

Put it on a UPS.

Thought I would move all the Hubitat logic to the Mac mini M1 on Node Red then look at running everything on it.

It runs a large Plex library and does all the family TV/DVR along with a few other 24/7 type tasks.

So thank you for helping me!

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We've all been there, but it will all fall into place!
The good news is that this forum is a great source of support, with some very experienced contributors always willing to help.


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