REST API Node Uninstall returns 400 every time

Hello! I am currently working on a program that utilizes the Node-RED Admin HTTP API to uninstall custom nodes from a server.

I have run into an issue where each time I attempt a call to DELETE /nodes/mynode, I get a response of 400 with the error message:
{"error":"unexpected_error","message":"Error: Uninstall failed"}.

To give some context, I have a node named "test-uninstall", which I have verified installation of using PowerShell command "npm ls". I make a call to DELETE through my program, but I have made the same request using PowerShell's cURL equivalent as well:
Invoke-RestMethod -Uri http://localhost:1880/nodes/test-uninstall -Method Delete
and received the message I put above. I have also made a request to GET in order to verify that the node is installed, and confirmed that it is:

I have gone through debugging for several hours and have also debugged with a coworker of mine, and we have been unable to find what the problem could be. I am curious if this may be a defect with the Node-RED server? If not, what could I be doing wrong? I am happy to provide any additional info that may be required.

I should also note that authorization has been disabled on the server, so that should not be an issue either.

As I just created my account, I am unable to put more pictures in the post but I assume I can put more in replies if needed.

Thanks for the help!

Is the node you are trying to uninstall still in use in the flow ? (Does it have a non-visible config node that may also still be there even if the "visible" nodes have been removed).
Nodes can't be deleted if they are still in use in any way.

What does the Node-RED log show?

The node is not in use by any flow

The Node-RED console does not have any output when the call is made

I see the local property is false. That means it is not installed in the user directory, which in turn means Node-RED cannot remove it.

I would have expected a better error message however.

What version of Node-RED are you using?

How did you install the node in the first place?

I installed the node using NPM on my machine.

The Node-RED version is v0.19.5 with Node.js v8.12.0

How exactly did you install it? In what directory?

It was installed in my windows user directory. Should it be installed directly to the directory of the specific Node-RED server runtime?

When Node-RED starts it logs the user directory. Is that the directory you installed the node in? What specifically is the path?

The user directory is
User directory : \Users\mitchell.adair\.node-red
The package-lock.json file is located at
Running npm ls shows the directory as
which contains the node "test-uninstall":
+-- test-uninstall@1.0.0 -> C:\Users\mitchell.adair\workspaces\runtime-EclipseApplication\test-uninstall

The node needs to be installed under the Users\mitchell.adair\.node-red directory for the runtime to be able to remove it. This is the directory it would get installed under if the Pallette Manager were used.

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That does seem to be the problem. I just installed it there, and the API call worked correctly.

Thank you for the help!

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