How to disable node

I did something wrong in the Node-red editor so my whole program stuck.

Is it possible to disable some nodes before starting Node-red?

I think the problem is in the Delay node or Chart node.

You can start Node-RED in "safe" mode, where it doesn't run your flows, but lets you editor them, but specifying the --safe argument when you start it.

How you do that will depend on how you normally run Node-RED.

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As I understand I need to start it via the next command: node-red-start --safe ?

That won't work because the node-red-start command is actually starting the service which runs node-red... so the --safe argument doesn't get through to the underlying node-red application.

Instead you can do:

  1. first stop the service by running node-red-stop

  2. run Node-RED manually with: node-red --safe

It should start and you should be able to access the editor. Make some changes then hit deploy - at that point Node-RED will leave safe-mode and start running your deployed flows.

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Thank you so much! I resolved the problem!

It was 10ms delayed loop thru the function node.