How to disable the Node-RED Web server service?

How to disable the Node-RED web server service?

Only remain the Node-RED flows running.

See the settings.js file lines 92 and 156

I have change the setting.js file

then test the Node-RED running successul, info show
"25 Feb 17:04:26 - [info] Running in headless mode"

But the running memory is same with before change(not disable the web server).

Can you still connect to the server?

Apologies - I didn't realise this was related to your other question about memory usage. As per the other thread currently there is no way to stop the application loading all the modules (even those it doesn't use). There is work under way to help split the runtime from the editor - but a) that isn't complete and b) even that runtime would still include modules like express.js by default as the expectation is that someone will still want to administer the device and we use the web based api to do that.

after disable the web server, I couldn't connect to the server.

So it was disabled, but I see that isn't actually what you were looking for.

yes,the node-red server editor was disabled. now i need remove the node-red server or other way to reduce the node-red running memory.I only need the node-flows can running, don't need the server or other function.

yes, this was related about memory usage. your meaning is that there are not any other effective way to reduce the node-red running memory or it is difficult to disable the web server or reducing the running memory?