How to display value from access token (Wattage meter)


Hi all.

I would like to display the instant use of power into a gauge. I have a power meter that uses API, and I have the access token I want to use is:


How can I set node-red to use the value of "power" in a gauge?
I've tried with using "http-response", "function" and "gauge", but I'm not sure how to program it. I guess its a simple thing for those who am more experienced than me.

Thanks for all your help in advance.


http response is for if you want Node-RED to act as a webserver.

Take a look at http request that will return a string. but if you run it through the json node you will then be able to manipulate the data.

The debug node if your friend especially after reading this page

With this information and reading the info panels of the dashboard you should be able to get where you want...


Thanks! I'll look into it.


I created a http request with GET and the weblink I had. Then json with msg.payload, and then for a test I used a text function with the value {{msg.payload.power}}. It worked.

Thanks for your help ukmoose.

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