How to display video from phone in dashboard via protocol RTMP

How can i be able to display video played on mobile phone via RTMP inside iframe in NR dashboard ?

How can we guess your setup? Explain better what you have done so far

i have installed RTMP Camera app on my phone but still stack on how can publish the rtmp address and display live streaming video in dashboard ?

Hi @hathemi,
I assume this is the same question as your previous post? You might get more responses if you keep it all together in a single discussion, so people at least can see the history.
And I must agree with Walter (@krambriw). You should explain more about your setup, what you want to achieve and what you have already tried. Otherwise few people in this community will be able to assist you ...

for this time i want to put rtmp insted of http inside my code
i still can't get it work .. i have installed to many application in cluding "rtmp server" but still can't figure out what it really need to insert a live streaming video inside dashboard !!

I have to ask the same question that I asked before, does that url work if you enter into the browser address bar? If it does not then it will not work in an iframe (which is what you are trying to do I believe).

Do you have a specific reason to use rtmp?

If the mission is to stream live video from your mobile camera to a dashboard running somewhere, I think you should look for solutions that emulates your phone camera as a web camera. Like in this solution

using the IP Webcam app

Once you have the url for your "mobile webcam", you should be able to put that into an iframe (or even better, as an img src tag in the ui template node as described many, many times already)

yeah i have tried this app and it works. For now i still looking for app that provide me rtmp address to connect on it on web browser.
And is it possible to display video via rtmp protocole?

Have you looked into the requirements when using rtmp? You need to connect your rtmp app to a rtmp server (typically hosted on internet where there are various providers, I think youtube supports this as well)
This article, even though ment for IPhone, is very informative

If you then can view your camera in this way, from youtube or other, you should be able to use the same url in the iframe. But direct rtmp connection to the dashboard, no I think that is not possible (unless you can find or invent a node written as a rtmp server)

EDIT: Well, there seem to be a node-media-server supporting rtmp available, maybe this is a starting point for having your local rtmp server

It seems you can even have a local rtmp server running on a raspberry pi....

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thanks alot it really helped. using one of those apps make it works.
Is there a way to serve video from node-red to phone ?