How to insert a live stream video from my mobile into dashboards

i want to insert live video into my dashboard.? Any help ?

Hello @hathemi,
I would be nice if you could give more information, about what you are trying to achieve. Probably you have already searched on the forum for related topics, but those were not of any help to you?

First thank you for respond. as i mentioned before, i want to insert a streaming into dashboard.
i have tried this code on a template

<iframe width="854" height="480" frameborder="0" src="" allowfullscreen></iframe>

but i get " refused to connect" !!
i wonder if there's a configuration to make on mobile phone or a plugin !?

Ah ok,
you want to show the dashboard on your mobile. From the title 'video from my mobile into dashboard' I assumed you wanted e.g. to capture your mobile phone camera and show it into your dashboard ...

The URL you are referring to, is that an ip camera or something else? Do you need perhaps to specify a username/password? You can also have a look at another discussion from this week, which is rather similar to what you are doing ...

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what you assumed is right. i want to capture my mobile phone camera and show it into my dashboard.

If you put into the browser on the machine where you are trying to view the dashboard does it show the video?

no it doesn't show anything
this code from discussion works for me


So have you solved your problem by using that url?

yes SIr, is there another way ??

Do you need another way?

yes Sir, i need to connect my phone with usb cable and display videos running on dahboard !!
is there a way to do that ?

If you work out how to do it in a browser then that should work in an iframe in the dashboard.

So it is possible to do it .. Thanks, i ill work out on it.

Is there a way to serve video from node-red to phone ?

Is this the same question you have asked here ? How to display video from phone in dashboard via protocol RTMP

No this time i want to make the node-red the server and the phone is the host

Well, I think this has been discussed a couple of times??? Just use the browser in the phone to view your dashboard provided you serve the dashboard with live video (has also been covered in several topics already)