HTML livestream Dash not working on mobile browser

Greetings everyone,

I'm dancing around a problem that i have and can't find a workaround. I have a motion livestream im my dash. I used the @krambriw example node with only one camera : A Dashboard setup for video cameras

My stream works fine, but when i open it in safari it doesn't load

I managed to open it by cleanning the cache, but it does not work anymore.
Any help would be appreciated!

Well, does it work when you are connected directly to your wifi network (not using vpn)?
If not, I think best is you share your flow, I can test it with my camera and see if it works

Hello Walter,

It works on my iPad and on Android phones! I can see it in my PC and Mac (Safari + Chrome).
I doesn´t work only on the iPhone (safari + chrome tested). Model : 8 plus - iOS 13.
It's more a html issue in the iPhone I thing