Dashboard alt views for Iphone, iPad screens

Currently I cannot access my Dashboard (via local wifi access) using my cell phone (nothing is displayed) and often when using my iPad the screen layout is way messed up. Is it possible to have the dashboard recognize that a cell phone (or iPad) is accessing it and provide a way for me to create a new view with a limited number of items since the screen is so much smaller? (IE: put just the security status & control items on the cellphone, or just the MQTT switches). What about using a secondary URL or port for those devices? (IE: 1880/ui = PC, 1881/ui is iPad, 1882/ui is cell phone).

Thanks in advance.

Can you build a small flow demonstrating the issue? That would make it easier to help out.

I have an iPhone and iPad and can see my dashboards fine on the devices

Often the problem lies with the use of Angular v1. Though sometimes it is because Dashboard has not only Angular v1 but also jquery and other libraries. It is massive! Certainly older versions of mobile browsers often failed with Angular or ran out of memory.

No such issues with uibuilder unless you go mad with libraries :wink:

Of course, you then have to make a custom interface. Not too hard though.

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