Dashboard options for an old iPad

I want to use my old iPad2 as a wall mounted permanent display showing my node-red dashboard. The expected problem is that not all widget elements are displayed correctly on such an old device (actually I am surprised that 80% is correct :wink:
In particular line graphs are distorted, y-axis labels show 1.999999 instead of 2.0 and more.

Are there any options I can do to make my dashboard more downward compatible? I also tried other options like uibuilder but then even more elements,graphs are simply not displayed.

uibuilder may well help. However, you would need to think about what framework to use. The latest, greatest version of any framework simply won't cut it. You will need to dig into the archives to find old versions.

Personally, I would recommend uibuilder with jQuery then chose any widgets carefully and use older versions.

Yes, that might be the "long way". Before I would try something more simple maybe creating a suitable ui_template with the standard NR dashboard? My javascript experience is limited, in particular the mechanism how frameworks are implemented on server and client side...
One idea is to visit homepages of different graphic-framework (i.e. chartjs,com) with the old iPad and see whether the demos are displayed..

Hi, I had a similar issue with a 5" display hooked to a raspberry pi. I grouped the different elements into 3 groups and the used the layout option to set the widths and position of each element, I would try this.

The issue is not so much arrangement but smaller issues when you use different browsers, platforms, (not only the oldtimer iPad).
i.e. slider not working on tablet but on PC, graph plot axes label numbers do not round to 2-3 digits but display as 1.0000001. This is all due to to the underlaying JS libraries which are different on different client devices (never understood this javascript philosophy which must be a pain for developers..)

I might try to use the generic ui_template node and call a graphic plot function there?

This is a browse issue more than a library issue and it is rather less common now than it used to be (IE!!!!). However, the new problem IS a JavaScript issue - we have a large committee creating radically new versions every year :frowning:

You still have the issue that Angular v1 is very unfriendly to earlier mobile browsers. We regularly saw them crash or fail to display anything useful.

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