Display of NR Dashboard on an iPad 3. (2012)

Hi dears,

i‘m handling and monitoring my solar energy home project with iO-Broker & Node-Red and am happy about all the sensoring and visualization possibilities. Both programs are running 24/7 on a raspberry pi3, another pi4 is used to store some data in influx and process it with grafana. With my iPad & iPhone i do the monitoring via the …:1880/ui graphical user interface, in my local network, when at home, or via VPN abroad.

I have several old iPad3 (2012) devices, which i would love to use as wall mounted displays in form of a kiosk browser or else to show the family, the amount of energy comming from the roof, waiting to be used.

The iPads are outdated, i know, but it is a waste of resource, to throw away the beautiful Retina displays.

Nevertheless they wont show the /UI and ich would like to know, the prerequisites to show the node-red dashboard on a browser. The devices have 1GB RAM and iOS 9.3.6 As Browser there is the original Safari from iOS 9.3.6 (13G37), Firefox 8.3, Mercury 10.0.1, or Dolphin 9000150. Every single one of them shows only a white screen, when directed to the node-red dashboard. Could it be a Java issue, or is there any other hint of technical background i may try?

I could jailbreak the devices, if any other software might be usefull.

Open and hoping for your suggestions beside throwing away the old displays…

Best regards Quax

We have had a short discussion about this in the past.
I’m afraid it’s not much help. I still wish I could used my old iPad

Still you can do specific dashboard for those old devices using https://caniuse.com/ to figure out stuff what is not supported. Kind of work of course but possible.

If you can do without Dashboard itself, you might use UIBUILDER to create your dashboard. That way you can make the output a lot lighter (older iOS Safari really struggled with AngularJS anyway) and make sure you only use JavaScript from 2010 (if indeed any is needed at all).

BTW, if the standard UIBUILDER IIFE client library build didn't work for some reason, I could probably create a special version that works with the older Safari version. The current library uses JavaScript up to early 2019. But I already use ESBUILD to create the right builds so adding an extra one shouldn't be that hard.

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