Old Ipad2 and Node-red dashbooard

I have an old Ipad2 still working, I wanted to try to use it as an interface for node-red-dashbooard, but when I type the server address the page remains blank. I also tried to install Dolphin as browser but same problem. I have node-red enabled https, I don't know if this can be a problem.
Thank Spectre.

Does it work if you do it on a newer iPad or similar device?

Exactly what URL are you entering and do you mean that get an entirely blank screen?

I suspect that it is because the version of iOS on the machine is too old to support the html / JavaScripts used by the dashboard. Like you I have an old iPad 2. It doesn’t load the node red dashboard. I really don’t want to throw it away and want to repurpose it for something useful. However there doesn’t seem to be much hope for now. I looked into jailbreaking it, which apparently is quite easy for such an old model, but it seems that there aren’t any modern browsers that will run on it. My only hope now is to wait for Linux to eventually be available for old iPads. There are some enthusiasts working on this.. but progress seems very slow.
Of course the other option would be to create a dashboard by hand using very simple HTML (that the ipad 2 can still cope with).

Thanks for the reply. I had a suspicion that this was the problem. I've read about an Alook Browser that maybe works.

URL is correct, works on all devices except the old Ipad.

I hope you’re right about the alook browser. However Apple have stipulated that any browser in the App Store MUST use apples own web rendering engine (built into the OS). Eg Firefox and chrome on the iPad both use the Apple rendering engine (WebKit). So, even if the browser is modern, it will stil use the old renderer.
I guess it’s still worth a try though. Let us know how you get on. I think there quite a few people out there who wish they could still put a use to their old iPads,

I think my questions were made redundant by @M-a-r-t-i-n's reply.

Don't know if this will provide an eventual answer for you.

I am using an old iPad Mini 2 IOS 12 as a 'fixed' HMI and get the occasional instance where Grafana updates and I can't display graphs, within a few days this is normally rectified. But other than that, it displays fine using Firefox.

did you force install firefox? from the market I get the message "Firefox cannot be installed"1

Firefox was from the App Store. The installed version is 'Firefox Daylight 36'.

I would imagine that if your OS is before IOS 12 then it may not run. I did try Dolphin at one time, but it iirc it was a bit flaky, can't quite remember in what way. Out of interest, what version of IOS are you running?

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