Compatibility of Dashboard Version with different browsers

I am using older iPads as static screens to show me the NR dashboard. For now I used a iPad 2 with iOS 9.3 which was compatible with Dashboard V2.2.0
Now switching to a newer iPad Air with iOS 15.3 I still cannot use the latest Dashboard V3.5 but have to downgrade again to V3.0.2

I wish there would be a compatibility list specific for the dashboard which systems are usable?

Does the Dashboard package.json have a browser property defined? I include one in the uibuilder package for this reason, to help people understand what browsers are likely to work (hint: anything from 2019 onwards for uibuilder - though it might be possible to arrange for some earlier browsers to work if needed). Unfortunately, Apple have long been very slow at adopting new standards into their browsers.

I think that Safari iOS 15 came out in Sept 2021? So it should support most things.

Safari iOS 9.3 came out in March 2016 and won't support many, if any, of the "modern" CSS and JavaScript features.

If you can get to a developer tools console, check out what is producing errors and check with the caniuse site for details.

No there is no browser info in the node-red-dashboard/package.json file. Of course I look at this from the end-user perspective and often do not spot what a "modern" CSS or Javascript features implies. The widgets look more or less the same with NR Dashboard V2.2 or V3.5, some do work with old browser, some not. Its all try and error as I cannot find specific information for a specific setup.

NR should be more conservative for "latest" updates on the front end. Or am I the only one enabling a second life for old tablets to serve as a perfect NR screen?

I wasn't suggesting that users would need to check, I agree. And understanding what browsers support what features is a nightmare for experts let alone for users.

Whether NR should be more conservative is, I suppose, a view that everyone is likely to consider differently.

For uibuilder, just as I expect has been done for Dashboard, I had to make decisions about what is reasonable to support. I drew the line as early 2019 since that covers by far the majority of usage and any browsers before then are no longer recieving security updates and so are potentially dangerous to use anyway.

But agree that it can be frustrating not to be able to use older devices as home automation screens. But those of us contributing have to balance that against the amount of effort it takes to only support older devices and not use newer features.


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