Safari browser support

I was hoping to use my old iPad running IOS 9.3.5 (no more updates :slightly_frowning_face:) to display my Node-RED dashboards. Unfortunately Safari only displays a blank white screen.
Is there any way to display the dashboard on this device ?
On my newer iPad (iPadOS 14.8) there is no problem, but I can't claim that device exclusively for displaying Node-RED dashboards.

Older versions of Safari, especially the iOS version were notorious for being behind the times in supporting standard features. So there may not be much hope.

I white screen generally means that the framework has crashed (Angular v1 in this case). Without access to the developer tools, it is hard to find out what has gone wrong.

You can try and install Firefox or chrome if the app store still works... I used to do this on old iPads to speed things up a bit. This might help with the dashboard too...

All 3rd party browsers on iOS are just skins round Safari's WebKit render engine, Apple do not allow proper 3rd party browsers in the app store, so it is unlikely it will render any better with any of these "other" browsers.

All alternative browsers I tried to install came up with "incompatible with this iPad" .

I found a workaround by using VNC viewer to view the dashboard in a browser on the Raspberry Pi that hosts Node-RED.
It may not be elegant or efficient but it works.


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