D2 display problems on iOS

I have had a report of display problems using @colinl/node-red-dashboard-2-ui-gauge-classic when viewed on iOS. The CSS appears not to be working correctly with Chrome and Firefox on iOS whereas the same node-red server viewed from a PC shows correctly.

I knew that Safari can cause problems, but I don't remember hearing of problems with Chrome. Has anyone got any suggestions? If further info is required from the reporter it might be best to ask on the issue and then I can report back here if a conclusion is reached.

iOS forces chrome (and ALL browsers) to use webkit (i.e. safaris rendering engine) under the hood.

Though this is changing in the EU due to legislation (not sure of the current state of affairs)

So it is very likely the user is still (effectively) using safari.

PS: I do not own or use any apple kit so cannot comment further.

Also worth noting that older versions of iOS have some IE-like "inconsistencies" with W3C standards, especially around CSS. :frowning:

Not sure whether there are any online checkers that can help?

Thanks @TotallyInformation and @Steve-Mcl, following a suggestion from @hotNipi I have tweaked the CSS and re-released. Whether this has helped remains to be seen.

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For the record, @hotNipi produced some tweaked CSS which has fixed this in release 1.1.4

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