How to exclude property from flow export

How can I exclude some property from a flow export? The only way I know of is putting them to credentials but this have some other drawbacks (e.g. credentials are not filled until node-settings are opened thus the properties are not available at all if we trigger flow right after import without opening the settings).

If you store things in credentials they are not exported by default as you say. But if you copy the creds file over yourself then the flow can start straight away. Of course this will copy over all credentials you may have in the flow so you need to be careful.

There isn't a way to do this - it isn't something that's ever been required.

Can you explain a bit about the scenario you have that needs this?

I don't want to use the same values of some properties in the imported flow then they have on the exported flow but I would like to have them as undefined instead. These values simply don't make sense in the imported flow (the refer to something what's only available in the NR environment where I exported the flow).