How to find stable version database to connect to Node-RED?

Hi !
Can't find stable version of database (ex: mysql, oracle,,,) to connect to Node-RED... Please help...

ex) I went to this page and couldn't find a stable version of MySQL to connect to Node-RED... just select the latest version of Mysql? or find stable version of database to connect to node.js?

and.. thanks for reading my question..

Hello, and welcome to the node-red community!

The node-red-node-mysql should work with whatever version of mysql you have. Have you tried to connect already? Or do you want to know what database version you should install?

If you don't already have a database set up, then you can just install the latest version.

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Welcome to the forum.

The page you linked to only shows nodes that will allow you to connect to mysql.
You have to install MySql yourself, separately from node red.
Which platform are you using? PC running Linux, PC running Windows, Raspberry Pi etc.

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Thank you answer my question :smiley:

I will use raspberry pi, Linux, windows!

I am working on a design using node-red for my service. So I was wondering if there is a version required.

So, as I understand it, the library provided by node-red is for interworking with the db. Just select the db version I want to use?

Yes, the mysql node should work with whatever version you have.

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Thank you! I understand it :blush:

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