How to handle python and NodeRed

Hello Community!

I have installed on AWS Nodered with cloudfoundry. I try Now to control a python Script inside nodered.
For that i have nodejs and Python buildpacks in my manifest.yml

The Problem is that the app needs a Python script to start which needs a website over flask?

How is the Handling of Python and nodered?

Welcome to the community.

Are you saying that you have a Python script that gets information from a website or that the Python script serves a website? AFAIK, Flask is a webserver written in Python. In the same way that Node-RED uses ExpressJS which is the Node.js (JavaScript) equivalent of Flask.

Potentially you could replace your Flask website with a Node-RED one. Or you could run your Flask website on AWS in parallel to Node-RED and use Node-RED to get data from it.

That second option would seem to be a bit weird though, don't think I would recommend that.

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