How to insert data via mongoDB Atlas?

Hi, I'm trying to insert sample data in mongoDB Atlas.

-First, this is my funcion code which works very well in any other mongodb server.

var newMsg = {};
newMsg.collection = 'local';
newMsg.operation  = 'insert';
newMsg.payload = {'test':msg.payload};
return newMsg;

-Second. I made sample data in my mongoDB Atlas already but
can't upload over 2 img things in forum cause i'm new .

Last one is my mongoDB2 node config.

I changed my username,password to <[usename><[password>for security.

So all things are well-done. Now i'm trying to insert data with node-red
but i can't make it with this error msg.

"MongoError: (Unauthorized) not authorized on admin to execute command { insert: "local", documents: [[{test 1} {_id ObjectID("633a870add68ad26c4a54d2f")}]], ordered: true }"

Is there anyone who succeed with insert data in node-red via mongoDB Atlas?
I hope you guys help me.


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