Mongodb on Atlas?

I am trying to get a raspberry with node-red 2.1.4 to connect to my Atlas mongodb instance. It should not be that hard right? But I really struggle to get a connection so I am going back to basics and ask here.
I have actually 2 questions:
1: What is the "best official" node-red mongodb node? It should support Atlas Cloud? Any advice here?

2: How to do the correct configuration to actually set the connection? Any hints to great examples or turorials? Details like "write this" -> here would be great. :slight_smile:

Thank you

Hello superace,

I have been using the node-red-node-mongodb node successfully with the local version of Mongodb .. and i took part in the discussion on two threads on the Forum on how to use it to connect to Atlas.

Im sending the links of the two threads for you to read and hope you pick up something useful

How to connect MongoDB with node-red

Mongodb network access issues. IP Address?


hello I had the same issue but with the help of @UnborN I was able to solve this problem

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