How to join python output and database data to template mustache

Hi there, I want to join the output of python file and database data to the template node but I am not getting that data in template node. Please help me out.

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There is a problem with the database node, you need to sort that first.

No. actually this works fine that pool closed error is showing because other database nodes have that issue not this one. When I check on console I am getting the output but I want to divide python and database output on template node.

How have you configured the Join node? You should probably be using key/value mode, and making sure that the incoming messages have different topics. Then both values will be available in the payload.

Yes. my join node has set to key/value and I am getting both the outputs in template. As I have files names as a output from python and database data from database node. So, I am getting both the outputs in json format in template node as files names followed by database data. but I want both separate hence I was trying to give index number and divide them but this way its not working.

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If you want them separate then why are you joining them? If that isn't what you mean then show us what you get in a debug after the join and tell us exactly what you want the result to be.

This is what I am getting on console. So as shown in image there's firstly coming is database values and after that file names. So, basically if I remove the join node then I am getting only the output of python code and not from database, as I want both the outputs I am adding join node in my flow.

As the second image shows the file names, but the file names are duplicating I dont know why? Can you help me out with that?

I don't know what the screenshots you posted are. Please feed the Join node into a dbug node and show us what you see there. Also tell us exactly what you want to do with the data, not just words but exactly what format of data you want out.

This is what I am getting in join node . As you can see first purple color text is of [object object] type which is database values and after that file names in purple color text and again in red color text. I am not getting why the file names are duplicating?

second image, This is mi ui in which database values should be shown in that boxes and there is a button named select files after clicking that button one popup comes and which should display all the file names.

Show us how you have the Join node configured.

You should be using msg.topic as the key, and making sure the two messages have different topics.

Okay... I will try this.

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