How to know used bandwith on messages sent to Azure

Im working on a flow that sends repetetive messages. I needed to know the bandwith off the process, any idea how to do it?

why not use a counter? you could store it as a flow variable and increment each time you send a message

Hi @bioshock2k,

This kind of functionality is something that could be useful for other people also, e.g. to calculate the bandwidth of audio/video streams...

My node-red-contrib-msg-speed node can measure the number of messages per specified time interval.
Suppose I would add some code to calculate also the size of each message, then I could add to my output messages:

  • The total size of the messages that have been passed during the specified time interval.
  • The average size per message during the specified time interval.

Then you could e.g. get the number of bytes per second.
Could that be of any help to your, to solve your issue?

Of course you won't know the real bandwidth, since the amount of data in your requests to Azure would be much larger.


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