How to link inject node to the node-red dashboard button

Hello everyone,
I am currently sending some data to a robot controller by inputing it's ip address and port number. There are some extra fields for eg the command number and the value written into the robot. I use inject node for this and the output is displayed on the debug node. I am trying to use the node-red dashboard to input these extra fields for which I use the inject node. is it a way to link the inject node or any other way with which I can do this? Any help is highly appreciated. Thank you.


I want that the user can himself input the fields in the node-red dashboard and start the process just by clicking the buton

The output of any of the Dashboard nodes that allow user input goes to that node's output port as a msg. So all you need to do is attach a change node to the output so as to get the data into the right format and properties and then feed the output of that to wherever your inject node goes.

Hello, thank you for your quick response! Unfortunately, I did not quite understand, would you be so kind abd show it with an example. It would be much clear. Thank you!

This is what I am trying, I might be very wrong.

This has the UI like this on the webpage

Use ui_form from your dashboard nodes instead of a different button with different input fields:

  • Form - a widget that can be composed of several sub-widgets. When submitted all values are submitted as a single message.

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