Searching for a node injector with an input

I used a injector-node in the passed with an INPUT functionality.
I need this to reset my dashboarditems.
Is is this node gone or am i looking wrong?

Another question is that i use an dashboard list node.
i fill this node with
"title": "Pushover NOK",

Is there a way to set the corresping checkbox to true or false when starting the dashboard or after a flow to initialisize this?

I'm not sure what you mean by this. Can you describe it some more?

i made a dashboard and use flow.vars en msg.vars to pass to the executing flow.
Sometimes (after playing a lot) the dashboard state does not match with the state of the vars.
So i made default for the dashboard and for the vars and sync these.

Some nodes in my dashboard dont have a default (dont have a default, specially the LIST node)

In my dashboard you see an injector and a change node. I can merge them in a change node .
But sometimes i want vars en flow syncing and i cant call the injector to initialize the dashboard. so i split them and call the change node after executing the flow...

I still don't know what you mean by "injector-node in the passed with an INPUT functionality."

Normally you can put the payload in the inject node and than passed in to the UI-Node like a dashboard LIST.
When an inject-node has a input option (a line In) so that it can be triggered, i can reset the defaults of my dashboard...
I use this board for checking raspberry servers over the internet and reset them if needed/ I can also send switch on/off commands to a remote server, and see an auditrail..
I can

So you can just use a Change node to set whatever properties you want and trigger it however you want.

I am not aware of an Inject node that also has an input port.

OK... no problem...

When the dashboard starts, i thougt it needed an inject node to set the content..
But if an switch node is enought, i can delete the inject-nodes!

Are this dashboard nodes i use the right solution when:

  • want to use defaults for each dashboard node
  • when turning dashboard nodes of and on depend on a values of other dashboard nodes ?

@pvanklink if you need a flow to be triggered when Node-RED starts, then you need the Inject node as that can be configured to trigger on start. You can also manually trigger the Inject node whenever you want by clicking the button.

A Change node by itself will not do anything. It needs to be triggered by something.

ok, almost there but my dashboard nodes need a message for working correct.

I thougt that i need a inject node tp put the message in my dashboard nodes..
But if i understand you well, the message for my dashboard nodes can also be a switch node without inject node...

You keep saying "Switch" node - I haven't mentioned the Switch node.

The Change node can be used to set whatever properties you want on a message.
But you need to decide what triggers the Change node. What event happens to cause a message to be passed to the Change node.

:rofl: ment change....

Problem is solved, i deleted the inject nodes and my dashboard still works.
Switchnodes are enough to feed the content of the different dashboard nodes....