How to make sub menus in the side menu?

Sorry guys, last question, I had those stacked up. I read a post like that but it didn't really show a way to do that. Does anyone have any ideas? I'm going to have way too many tabs since i'm building a dashboard for a whole sugar/alcohol/energy industry. So it would be great if i could organize the tabs in sub menus.

Perhaps you can use this mechanism, created by @Paul-Reed (based on the node-red-contrib-ui-contextmenu node).

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Not really what i'm looking for, since i can't take any more space in my ui... i even made my title bar only show when i hover it.

Well you could hide tabs if necessary - so only show relevant ones at one time ?
If not you are probably getting toward something like node-red-contrib-ui-builder to go fully custom.

Well, currently, a lot of my ui is customized, BUT, not all of it. Anyway... I will work with it how it is for the time being.

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