Menu bar- Sub menus

hello all

I came across with a web page that is clergy made with node-red. It has some interesting features, that I presume are not standard .

Please relate to the print screen

      A) it has a name and logo

      B) the menus have sub menus and can be collapse

I would appreciate how we could replicate this nice features
thank you all

best ask the author :slight_smile:

Hi @JoseGodinho

when you say its clearly made with Node-RED, what leads you to believe that? From the screenshot, it could be a 'normal' angular app using the same material design that Node-RED Dashboard does - in which case the sort of menu/submenu would be easy to do as it won't have the same constraints Node-RED Dashboard has.

'View source' of the page will mention Node-RED if it really is a customised Node-RED dashboard page.

Wellcome . . . .

Hi @knolleary.

After checking the source I find no mention to node red.

thank you for your support

Kind regards

I'm a big NodeRed fan since 1 year. I wonder if it is possible to get sub-menus on the main left menu, I haven't found how to do it.
Have I missed it or is that not possible.
The solution for the moment is to display a page with buttons as sub-menus. A little less practical though.
Thank you in advance for your insights.