How to create submenus in the import or export menu?

Hello everyone, I have seen that in the import and export menus you can directly access a submenu with arrows without clicking, I can't find a way to do it, could you guide me please?

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Dear, excuse my boldness, but I see that nobody comments and it must be that they don't know how, that's why I go to the source, if I could answer I would appreciate it

In the current version of Node-RED there are no submenus under import/export - they each open the corresponding import/export dialog. That was changed in 1.0

So whilst I could point at the internal API used to add entries to the menu, it wouldn't work with any recent version.

What are you wanting to do exactly? What are the menu options you'd like to add?

Dear Nick, thanks for answering, I belong to a group of makers where there are people from Latin America and Spain ( and we give courses on various topics, including of course NODE-RED.
I was looking for the menu because I find it graphically very attractive to show examples from the drop-down menu and select the one I want to show.


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