Import/export menu is gone in release 1.0?

Where is the import and export menu in release 1.0?
Is there a way to bring out the menu besides using shortcut key?

Its on all my 1.0.0 installs

What platform are you on - was it clean install or an upgrade?

It is clean installation.
I am using docker image and run docker on windows10 docker desktop.
Dockerfile looks like below:

FROM centos

# install base lib
RUN yum install -y curl
RUN yum install -y gcc-c++ make
RUN yum install -y dos2unix

# install node.js
RUN curl -sL | bash - && yum install -y nodejs

# install node-red
RUN npm install -g --unsafe-perm node-red@1.0.0


Then, the editor looks like:


I can see you must have a custom theme set under editorTheme. Can you share what you have customised?

Hi @knolleary you are right. We changed several icons only

    // Customising the editor
    editorTheme: {
                page: {
                        title: "MY Flow Editor",
                        favicon: "/node-red/data/image/myicon.ico",
                        css: "/absolute/path/to/custom/css/file"
                header: {
                        title: "MY EDITOR",
                        image: "/node-red/data/image/favicon.ico", // or null to remove image
                        url: "" // optional url to make the header text/image a link to this url
                deployButton: {
//                        type:"simple",
                        icon: "/absolute/path/to/deploy/button/image" // or null to remove image
                menu: { // Hide unwanted menu items by id. see editor/js/main.js:loadEditor for complete list
                        "menu-item-import-library": false,
                        "menu-item-export-library": false,
                        "menu-item-keyboard-shortcuts": false,
                        "menu-item-help": {
                                label: "Alternative Help Link Text",
                                url: ""
//                userMenu: false, // Hide the user-menu even if adminAuth is enabled
                login: {
//                        image: "/absolute/path/to/login/page/big/image" // a 256x256 image
                        image: "/node-red/data/image/MY_logo_DDM_256.png"

With your hint, we changed the menu-item-import-library and menu-item-export-library to true and now it looks good. Thank you very much